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Gamble & Cross

In the City of New Haven, good looks and gun will gun will get your foot in the door... Good luck getting it out. One way ticket to New Haven

#1 What's cookin good lookin?

#2 Logic, Reason, and Lady Luck


A collection of short films dragged forth from the depths of the Abandon All Hope basement. Abandon All Hope and Enter

The Man of Flies

The Devil in the Doorway

A Thought of Madness

At Abandon All Hope Studios, we aim to craft interesting and worth telling stories.  Stories that depict realistic characters who become embroiled in, more often than not, very surrealistic and horrific situations.  We aim to create characters that emulate real, live...
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Woodshollow Poster

Hello. I’m sure by now you caught a glimpse of our new “Welcome to Woodshollow” poster. Done by yours truly. You can check it and our other artwork out in the gallery. If you haven’t had a chance you can see all of our Woodshollow content...
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Happy Halloween!

This inaugural post marks the beginning of the Howl From the Deep Project site. We would like to raise a glass to those who have supported us and to all future subscribers. Here’s to you and Happy Halloween! -Jesse Springborn & Alex...
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Sacrifiices Until the dark gods awaken





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