At Abandon All Hope Studios, we aim to craft interesting and worth telling stories.  Stories that depict realistic characters who become embroiled in, more often than not, very surrealistic and horrific situations.  We aim to create characters that emulate real, live human beings.  Our characters undergo significant changes as they experience the horrors of Woodshollow, and they are forever changed afterwards (assuming they survive their initial encounters.)  Some characters will see and do things they can’t possibly fathom.  So what fate awaits these brave, yet unfortunate, souls?  A sharp, steep descent into madness.

Madness is a very common theme in our work and a very inescapable fate for many of our characters.  Therefore, I can hardly think of a better post than one of my own “Thoughts of Madness”.  I wrote the following poem a couple years back, but every time it re-surfaces through my sea of notebooks, I find that it rings true.  So, without further ado, I give you “Epitaph”.


As I stared out my window pane,

Through the shrouding, pouring rain,

I saw a figure in the mist,

I knew that it did not exist,

As it drew close, I saw a man,

Who looked more as death than any can.

It reached through the glass into my head,

The liquid on my face ran red.

It held in fist my fractured mind

And smiled as I tried to find

Any breach of any kind

Inside my sad and spoiled mind.

I looked and saw the monster’s face,

With what I saw, my heart did race

For what did I see reflecting?

Why, all my illness shown projecting

Smiling, staring back with glee

Was the very sight of me.

A sight I should not, would not see,

Though I could not turn to flee.

I start to scream and men in white

Burst in with shots to put me right.

I simply can’t contain my laugh

As I dwell on my epitaph.

A slab crafted with no care

And the words in scripted there,

“Here lies a man of constant fear,

But at his passing, shed no tear.

Make no mistake, the mind he had

Surely made this poor man mad.

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